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Rental Table Napkins Satin – Tiffany Blue – Aqua

Rental Table Napkins Satin – Tiffany Blue – Aqua

$0.90 Rental

Table NapkinsĀ Satin Tiffany Blue – Aqua

Product Description

Rental Napkins Satin Tiffany Blue - Aqua on Houston and surroundings areas.

Rent Napkin Satin Tiffany Blue - Aqua for your wedding reception, wedding ceremony, anniversary celebrations, banquet, corporate event, private party and all other special events.

Our rent napkins Satin Tiffany Blue - Aqua are made from a high quality satin a material.

Matching color table runners, chair sashes, table overlays, and tablecloth linens.


We also offer personalized service in the Greater Houston and Surroundings Areas from the time you selected a date through the event day.

    • Event Planner
    • Wedding Planner
    • Event Day Coordinator
    • Wedding Coordination
    • Floral Design
    • Custom Linens
    • Event Decoration

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