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Wedding wall drapes
Our different wall drape ideas are a great way to decorate your wedding venue. We have a range of drapery products to either cover your venue or create a feature.
Backdrops now come in many various designs suitable for a vast number of themes and events! We are always expanding our backdrop designs to suit our clients requirements! We have a full range of Backdrops available to rent.
Wedding & Event Backdrops can be used for many purposes including dressing the top table and cake table, hiding ghastly walls and covering up horrible curtains or illuminated signage like fire exits! Creating the right lighting at your wedding is essential and a backdrop behind the top table will create the perfect ambiance!
All of our wedding backdrops are completely freestanding on their own support structure which means they can be placed anywhere you like in a room and do not have to be attached to a wall!

Silk wall lining wedding drapes

Our silk wall drape lining system is the ideal way to cover the walls of your venue. These neutral coloured drapes are suspended from a hidden, free-standing framework and are available with a wide range of dressing options.

Fairy light wedding backdrops

Our fairy light backdrops create an impressive backing either behind your top table or placed anywhere in your venue. These free standing backdrops are available in both ‘cool white’ and ‘warm ivory’ to ensure the look is just right.

Starcloth Wedding Drapes

Star cloths are the ideal backing for a band, disco or dance floor to help make all their unsightly but necessary equipment fade into the background. These free-standing backdrops are also ideal for themed weddings.

FairySilk Wall Swags

fairysilk wedding swag drapes
Our FairySilk wall swags are the ideal way to dress the walls of your venue without covering them up completely. ‘Swags’ and ‘drops’ of ivory coloured silk fabric are supplied complete with internal fairy lights.

Curtain & Window Drapes

We are able to supply a range of drapes to hide unattractive venue curtains or cover windows. These ivory colored drapes can be complemented with colored swags and fairy lights.

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